Sunday, 20 October 2013

A day out on the Black Meadow

Kev Oyston and Chris Lambert - Black Meadow Collaborators

Just before appearing at the Ryedale Book Festival on October 19th October, Kev Oyston, Nigel Wilson (illustrator of "Tales from the Black Meadow") and I stopped off at the site of Black Meadow. It was incredibly misty and a perfect start to an excellent day ruminating on the strange supernatural atmosphere that pervades this area of the North York Moors.

We couldn't explore the area as it is fenced off and owned by the RAF. This is clearly a convenient way of keeping the public safe from the dangers of this particular stretch of moor.

I was able to walk up to the fence line and Kev pointed out the last known position of Roger Mullins. A strange eerie calm hung over the place. Even the sounds of the cars seemed to mute as they drove past. I felt a strange sense of sadness as I looked about and wondered how Roger's story ended.

The mist hung over everything and as we drove away it became deeper and deeper. Not only was it incredibly dangerous but we were on tenterhooks as to what might suddenly appear from within the fog.

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